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Professional experience
01.2018 -
Quality Engineer
Bee Quality, Remote
  • taking care of quality of clients' systems
  • software testing, including automation (Java), documenting test cases, working on process improvements, bettering test / requirement / bug management and traceability, mentoring on good QA pracitices, training testers, facilitating change, re- and organising, technical writing
  • cooperation with remote teams, distributed around the globe as well as helping locals
  • testing healthcare apps web, mobile, backend; people and organisations insights apps; streaming apps mobile, web and tv; backend microservices; car mobile apps and more
11.2016 - 12.2017
Automation Test Engineer
DXC, Wroclaw, Poland
  • working on quality of Big Data project (Hadoop, Scala, Kafka, HBase, Phoenix, Spark, RESTful APIs)
  • leading small team of testers in 2 projects
  • running trainings so they get up to speed with testing & automation and become fully independent
  • setting up tools, build and deployment processes (and standards) to support Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery in the long run (E2E Automation)
  • setting up test environments, Jenkins, Nexus and JIRA; working with Red Hats mostly, GIT
  • writing test frameworks so they can be used by multiple tenants using Java, Scala, Groovy, JUnit, Bash, Hamcrest, Rest Assured, Maven
  • making sure Test Cases are recognized and well documented
  • getting to know component by component, taking care of covering each with technical documentation, deployment scripts, java/scaladoc and automated tests on various levels
  • software components development using Scala
  • evangelizing about testing, versioning, release/test/bug management, CI, CD, documentation, importance of consistent naming, improvements suggestions on scrum processes and tools - through trainings, retrospectives, demos
  • work with amazing team of onsite colleagues in Poland and remote folks in Ireland

  • design and continuous execution of Test & Automation trainings path for junior QAs from teams around the company
05.2013 - 02.2016
Senior Test Engineer
Conax, Oslo, Norway
  • end to end test automation of streaming on Android and iOS devices (Appium)
  • testing of security plugins for streaming apps (Conax OTT Access, Conax Playready)
  • working on improvements of processes, practices, team docs, test tools, mobile test lab
  • work in multinational team with English speaking colleagues in Oslo and with near-shore Belarusian team in Minsk
  • working on test automation (Groovy, Java, Selenium WebDriver, Spock, JMeter, SoapUI), test planning, test case management and manual testing for the Contego product
  • testing of file based interfaces, web service APIs and web GUIs, documentation
  • setup of test environments (Oracle HW, Dell HW with Solaris/Oracle Linux) in various configurations
  • onsite job with Norwegian speaking colleagues, Agile methodologies and cross-functional system testing
  • setup of several Atlassian family products instances with Bug, Requirement and Test Case Management, for multiple teams and projects, continuous improvement based on teams feedback; migration of data from QC to JIRA
01.2012 - 04.2013
Quality Assurance Engineer
Aspiro TV, Oslo, Norway
  • working on standards assuring products' quality across organization
  • figuring out best QA solutions with highly skilled team members and management, learning from retrospectives
  • team working on documentation standards and knowledge sharing, technical writing
  • working on bug reporting tools and release process
  • plugging-in testing process into demanding development cycle and tight schedules with limited resources
  • test strategy and release acceptance metrics development for new Customer projects
  • testing activities scheduling given PM needs, release notes, risk estimation and available resources
  • test plans and check lists format design with real-time progress reporting, rollout
  • test plans creation from specs, use cases, wireframes or user stories
  • performing testing of mobile apps (iOS, Android, WP, Symbian), web apps (REST APIs, Play! Framework, Mongo DB), content management apps (desktop apps Java/Windows), streaming tests
  • load testing of RESTful APIs (JMeter), availability monitoring (Pingdom)
  • manual testing, tests execution from test plans or exploratory testing basing on check lists; working on check lists handover to support department
  • setting up automated testing environments to be plugged in CI
  • administration of user tools like Jira, Confluence, Crowd, Hudson/Jenkins
  • developing Selenium tools for speeding up own work
  • onsite job with +30 team members, external and/or distributed resources, >3 simultaneous projects
09.2011 - 12.2011
Software Tester
Euro Bank S.A., Wroclaw, Poland
  • manual tests of banking applications (modules: application, mortgages, prints, vindication)
  • performing SQL queries for the purpose of checking calculation results
  • Selenium test automation for speeding up own work
  • preparing test plans from detailed specifications, executing test plans, reporting bugs (Jira)
  • keeping up to demanding schedules with detail orientation
  • onsite work with skilled team members and external staff
11.2010 - 05.2012
QA Consultant
Home Exchange, Remote
  • working on quality of web portal (20 sites and growing, frontend&backend)
  • developing quality assurance standards
  • performing user trainings/presentations (20+ people)
  • data analysis and suggesting software improvements basing on SiteCatalyst data
  • care for documentation, performing screen casts (PBWorks, Google Docs, Trac, Jing)
  • preparing user documentation and technical writing
  • tests planning basing on exploratory tests, test execution, suggesting improvements&features, logging results, reporting bugs
  • mobile tests on Android and iOS devices
  • browser compatibility tests on Mac OS X, Windows 7/Vista/XP, Ubuntu including IE/Safari/FF/Chrome/Opera
  • functional and non-functional testing
  • direct cooperation with developers/business/customer service/representatives
  • working remotely, in multinational, distributed team
04.2010 - 09.2010
QA Consultant
ISO Translations, Remote
  • working on 3rd party QA for booking system (J2EE, Ajax, Flash)
  • in-house quality assurance for conference system (Asterisk PBX, IVR, ASR) and web portal frontend (PHP)
  • 3rd party QA for project management system (J2EE, Ajax)
  • voice recognition tests, DTMF tests (inband, RFC2833, info)
  • care for documentation (JIRA, Google Docs, Excel)
  • tests planning, test execution, suggesting improvements&features, logging results, reporting bugs
  • functional and non-functional testing: user experience, usability, content, cross browser compatibility, internationalization&localization, security (XSS, SQLI)
  • development of tools supporting testing and processes
  • direct cooperation with developers/product owners
  • working remotely, in multinational, distributed teams
09.2009 - 03.2010
QA Consultant
Nokia Gate5 GmbH, Germany, Berlin
  • working on quality of localization/navigation applications: Ovi Maps
  • introduction and development of documentation standards
  • recognizing automation possibilities and test automation framework development for web (Selenium RC+JUnit+XSLT+ANT) and devices (Selenium Runner)
  • JS unit tests development (JSMockito, Aduno framework) for object oriented JS app
  • collecting test cases in QC, executing and automating them, reporting bugs
  • testing localization web app, navigation apps on mobile devices (Symbian/Maemo)
  • setting up continuous integration environment (Hudson) with successful code coverage reporting (JSCoverage, POI-HSSF library) and ongoing test automation
  • performing trainings/presentations on test automation
  • taking care of team wiki page
  • web environments setup
  • working in multinational Scrum
06.2009 - 09.2009
Software Tester, Webdeveloper, Designer
ISO Translations, Remote
  • working on quality of web projects: PHP/Symfony/Kayako
  • working on quality of call and conference systems (Asterisk)
  • working on design of web portals (HTML, CSS, PHP, Photoshop): GUI redesign&design corrections
  • care for documentation (Google Docs, Basecamp, Excel, Illustrator) and documentation improvements
  • test automation (Selenium, Firebug, WebDeveloper)
  • tests planning, test execution, reporting bugs
  • tests categories: feature/functionality, GUI, user experience, usability, content
  • tests types: exploratory, dynamic and static testing, regression, security
  • bug fixing (HTML, CSS, PHP)
  • working with SVN
  • working remotely in distributed and multinational teams
03.2008 - 03.2009
Quality Assurance Developer
Ciao GmBH sp. z o.o. oddz. w Polsce, Wroclaw
  • working on quality of Ciao web portals
  • test automation (Selenium, Firebug, WebDeveloper, CATE; XML, XPath, SQL)
  • security testing (XSS, SQL Injection, CSRF)
  • test support tools development (JEdit; Java, XSD)
  • internal trainings
  • care for documentation (Wiki) and documentation standards development
  • internal projects development
  • tools configuration (Linux environment)
  • reporting bugs (Jira)
  • Scrum, XP (pair programming)
  • working with CVS, SVN
01.2007 - 03.2008
Software Development Specialist
Nokia Siemens Networks Sp. z o.o., Wroclaw
  • working on Nokia network configuration tool (NetAct)
  • tests planning, testing (J2SE, Swing)
  • mediation development (J2EE)
  • unit testing (JUnit)
  • care for documentation (Wiki)
  • Scrum methodology
  • working with UCM
09.2005 - 12.2006
Software Development Specialist
Siemens Sp. z o.o., Wroclaw
  • design, implementation, tests planning, testing, documentation, maintenance of CFF - tool converting Siemens network element model to network configuration tool CM* model (J2SE, GDMO/ASN.1, SQL, JDBC)
  • reports generation (XML (Xerces, Castor), XSLT, HTML, CSS)
  • parser generation and grammar maintenance (ANTLR)
  • GUI design, implementation, testing, maintenance (Swing)
  • documenting requirements, design specs, user papers
  • unit testing (JUnit)
  • releasing builds (ANT)
  • trainings
  • acquiring GSM, UMTS knowledge
  • care for documentation (Poseidon, StarUML)
  • bug fixing
  • Waterfall methodology
  • working with ClearCase
10.2004 - 08.2005
Software Quality Assurance Specialist
Lukas SA, Wroclaw
  • taking care of banking card system and internal applications quality
  • tests planning
  • test automation (MS Excel, SQL, XML, VBA, VBScript, HACL)
  • testing (OS/400 screens, C++ and web apps)
  • internal trainings
  • verifying requirements and analyses
  • documenting, participating in documentation standards creation and processes definition
  • working with MS VSS
ISTQB Certified Tester Foundation Level
Issued by Polish Testing Board (SJSI)
Sun Certified Programmer, Java Platform 1.4
Issued by Sun Microsystems Inc.
1999 - 2004
M. Sc. in Computer Science
Wroclaw University Of Technology
Faculty of Computer Science and Management
1994 - 1999
Class with major in Mathematics and Physics
High School
1991 - 1997
Faculty of Piano
National Music School
Professional skills
Quality assurance
Working out release/testing processes in organizations wanting to start assuring quality of their products, working out knowledge sharing and bug reporting, test automation solutions development, documentation standards, testing and test planning trainings, user trainings, testing tools and test management tools development
Frontend / Backend, functional, system/basic performance tests, security testing (XSS, SQL Injection, CSRF), browser compatibility (FF, IE, Chrome, Safari, Opera with Ubuntu/Windows/Mac OSX), mobile testing (Symbian, iOS, WP, Android; phones, smartphones and tablets), internationalization & localization, UI (graphic and sound), spelling & grammar, user experience and usability, regression testing (manual & automated), providing excellent test reports, testing feedback on daily basis
Software development & Automation
development: JUnit / TestNG, XML, XSD, XSLT, XPath, JS, JSMockito, J2SE, GDMO/ASN.1, ANTLR, HTML, CSS, SQL, VBA, VBScript, Hamcrest, Bash, Google Script, UML, JSP, Spring, Lombok, Hamcrest, Maven, automation & tools: Selenium IDE, Selenium Webdriver, Firebug, Web Developer, Play! framework tests, SoapUI, Appium, JMeter, REST Assured, Gmail API, Apache Kafka, BDD with Cucumber, Splunk, Postman, Charles, Perfecto, Browserstack, IDEs: Eclipse, NetBeans, jEdit, IntelliJ Idea, TextMate, XCode, VS Code, source control: UCM, CVS, SVN, GIT & GIT Flow, GitLab, GitHub, CI / CD: Jenkins / Hudson, Bamboo, Maven, ANT, GitLab CI, BitBucket pipelines, analytics: SiteCatalyst, Google Analytics
Tested systems
Banking Card System Vision PLUS, Caddie, CM*, NetAct, Ciao Website, Ovi Maps, mobile navigation apps, Asterisk call conference system, Facebook apps, interpreting/translation/booking apps, Home Exchange portals, Eurobank banking apps, CMS apps, mobile TV apps using adaptive streaming, TV network management software, security plugins for content streaming, health management apps, entities (person and organization) data insights' app
Tested apps technologies
Java/COBOL/C/C++ apps (on AS/400), PHP/JSP/EE web apps; BCB, VC++, ActiveX, Flash, HTML, J2SE, Swing, J2EE, JS, OO JS, AJAX, JSON, XML, J2ME, Asterisk, file based interfaces, web GUIs, single page apps, SOAP APIs, RESTful APIs, Angular apps, JSP apps, Spring apps
Technical writing
Atlassian Confluence, Doxygen, HTML, XML, UML, Markup, TeamForge wiki, Miro, Notion, Lucidchart
Mac OSX, Android, iOS, WP7, Windows, Linux, CentOS, Symbian, Maemo, OS/400
Multinational experience
Working in multinational and/or distributed teams
Test / Bug / Requirement management
Jira, QC, Rally, Trello, TeamForge, GitLab, TestRail, Azure DevOps; test management plugins for Jira like TestFLO, TM4J, XRail
Professional interests
Product at its best (quality assurance in many areas) and friendly (user experience, usability).
Tests simple as possible, yet no simpler and smooth (test automation, test tools development, CI/CD).
Documentation ease of use and longevity (technical writing, knowledge sharing, "one look to understand" docs).
Organization of test cases (ease of use and understanding).
Organization's culture, team spirit and people piece in the puzzle.
Personal qualities

Creative, self-reliant, quality & beauty & detail oriented

Looking for projects

With purpose, autonomy, long term relationships in friendly environment.
Happy to dive deeper into performance testing and to train or mentor.
Not looking to relocate any time soon.


English: advanced, Polish: native,
Norwegian and German: Ich kan kjøpe smør på butikken, kein problem.


Dancing, handmade, gardening, healthy living

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